Brand Support with InternetVideo

Brand Support with Video

The fundamental nature of InternetVideo makes it a perfect selling tool. You have a group of individuals, stuck in a space, listening to a speaker for an extended time period-- anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or more. This enclosed environment exists just for the speakers to sell something, whether it is a product, a service, or an idea.

Many presenters, particularly those with a business interest in mind, stop working to capitalize on that environment. Think of it. You have a hundred individuals in a room. They are all listening to you, but they are also enjoying the huge screen behind you, looking at the messaging, soaking up the graphics. Reconcile their fixed attention by creating brand name support in every scene.

Using Your Brand

It includes and sums up whatever about a business that makes them distinct, much better and unforgettable. A company's visual identity includes things such as their logo, letterhead, tradeshow booth, brochures, website and yes, OnlineVideo.

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Logo design and Slogan

Every single scene must include the company logo design, at a minimum. If the business has a slogan, think about constructing it into the design.


If possible, the scenes ought to consistently use the company's corporate colors. The result can be subtle, but it makes for a more professional-looking and constant piece; frequently, it's small decorations and attention to details that construct brand name awareness.


If you're not distributing your Video discussion, you have immense liberty of choice in type given that you can use any typeface stored on your regional machine. In this case, merely contact your graphic designer to get your corporate typefaces.

If the file is going to be publicly dispersed, you are restricted to typefaces that include Microsoft's default setup. Research study your company's security and try to match the face as carefully as possible. Ask the company's graphic designer for a suggested typeface.

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Images and Graphics

Typically, a company settles into a particular theme with their photography and illustration. For example, IBM's photography is really straightforward with little or no impacts. Microsoft's photography is constantly full color and usually has smiling people. While it would be near difficult to completely mimic a company's whole art instructions, it is best to complement the recognized design as much as possible. This is another case where the small details gradually however surely develop ever-important brand name reinforcement. Under no situations must you utilize the cringingly bad clip art included with Microsoft's Office suite; at best the things is ugly, at worst it cheapens your scene show and business brand name.

Miscellaneous Information

This includes the bonus that might benefit your audience. A booth number may be a sensible addition if you are at a trade show. A URL is almost commonplace nowadays. For sales-heavy discussions, an e-mail address for the speaker is typically a good addition, or the company's toll-free purchasing line if you wish to be more brazen. Consisting of whatever is not necessary-- it's just as important to keep the scene design uncluttered.

Benefits of Video

If done correctly, a OnlineVideo presentation can be a whole branding experience. Without ever straight discussing your logo design or typeface options, you have actually successfully educated the entire audience about your visual identity, and that positive reinforcement breeds market awareness.

On a more tangible note, an audience member will determine the business branding of your tradeshow cubicle when they stroll by; they will acknowledge your business colors, logo design and typography. Possibly they do not keep in mind why it looks familiar, however it barely matters when they stop to talk to a business agent.

A business's visual identity consists of things such as their logo design, letterhead, tradeshow cubicle, pamphlets, website and yes, InternetVideo.

Every single scene ought to include the company logo, at a minimum. If possible, the scenes should consistently employ the business's business colors. Ask the business's graphic designer for a recommended typeface.

For sales-heavy discussions, an e-mail address for the speaker is frequently a great addition, or the company's toll-free ordering line if you want to be more brazen.

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